'Game of Thrones' questions threw Kyle Whittingham's Twitter Q&A off the rails

Utah head coach Kyle Whittingham is entering his 14th season with the program. (AP)

Kyle Whittingham was very confused on Monday.

The Utah coach held a Q&A via his Twitter account. After a handful of standard football questions, fans began to ask him about Sunday night’s season finale of “Game of Thrones.” Whittingham apparently isn’t a big TV guy and was very, very perplexed.

Once one “Game of Thrones” question filtered through and folks saw Whittingham’s reaction, many more followed. The uncertainty — and hilarity — continued from there.

Whittingham was able to figure things out soon after. To nobody’s surprise, he does not watch the show. In a shocking twist, however, he has heard of it.

And just like that, the Q&A was over.

Maybe the next time Whittingham does one of these somebody can brief him on what’s hip in pop culture these days. On the other hand, the season is just a few days away. He probably wouldn’t care too much.

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