Game 5 of the World Series took 40 years off Justin Verlander's life

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When Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander takes the mound for what could be a historic Game 6 start, he might look a little different than you remember him. Game 5 of the World Series was so tense, that Verlander says it took “40ish years off my life.”

Exaggeration? Maybe. But Verlander also has the pics to back it up.

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OK, fine, that’s an Instagram filter. The man whose arm you’re depending on to win you the World Series isn’t mysteriously 40 years older, Astros fans.

We must say, though, Verlander’s response perfectly summarizes Game 5. Between the endless barrage of home runs, the constant lead changes and the drama of the game going to extras, we imagine fans of both teams feel like their lives were shortened Sunday night.

The World Series games have even been stressful on Justin Verlander. (AP Photo)
The World Series games have even been stressful on Justin Verlander. (AP Photo)

He’s not the only player who feels that way. Astros shortstop Carlos Correa — who hit a pivotal home run during the game — admitted even he feels the weight of all these intense games.

He showed as much right after Alex Bregman’s walk-off single in the 10th, gleefully charging out behind home plate and gesturing for Derek Fisher to slide as he crossed the plate to win the game. It wasn’t a tense moment, but was an instance of Correa releasing all of that stress with a completely genuine reaction. It was so genuine Correa doesn’t even remember doing it, which makes it even more incredible.

Fortunately — or unfortunately … we’re not sure — at least one player involved thinks Astros and Dodgers fans will have to find a way to survive for two more games. Yasiel Puig went out and guaranteed the Dodgers will force a Game 7 just moments after they lost Game 5.

He’s probably just showing confidence in his team, but maybe Puig is really expecting a 74-year-old Verlander to walk out on the mound Tuesday night. Given everything else we’ve seen in this series … at this point, sure, why not?

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