Gambino Mafia Man Released After Serving Only 35 Years of Life Sentence

New York Daily News Archive
New York Daily News Archive

Ex-Mafia hitman and Gambino crime family crony Anthony Senter will be sprung from prison in 2024 after killing at least 11 people and serving only 35 years out of his life sentence. A Department of Justice spokesperson said they determined that Senter “had substantially observed the rules of the institution” and that his release “would not jeopardize the public welfare.” In the 70s and 80s, Senter was part of Roy DeMeo’s mob, working out of Brooklyn to coordinate at least 75 deaths and disappearances according to what federal and city authorities found and over 200 according to independent researchers. The victims’ families are upset by the recent decision. One of the victims, Jerome Hofaker, was just 23 when Senter killed him.“He is 68. That’s not a life,” Hofaker’s cousin said of the decision. “He has an awful lot of life to live, and that’s not right.”

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