Futuro Media announces layoffs, cites 'months of economic uncertainty'

Collage with microphone and words from a layoff notice
(Martina Ibáñez-Baldor / De Los; Getty Images )

Futuro Media, an independent nonprofit media organization focused on Latino news, has announced layoffs.

“Futuro Media is profoundly saddened to announce that we have taken action to scale down our organization,” it announced via Twitter.

In the announcement, Futuro cites “months of economic uncertainty” that has impacted the podcast and news industries, as well as funding for public media.

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After the layoffs were announced Thursday afternoon, Futuro Media’s editorial editor, Fernanda Santos, announced her resignation Friday morning.

“Today is my last day at Futuro Media Group. I offered my resignation in hopes of saving jobs. Too many people were laid off and I couldn’t in good conscience stay while seeing them gone. I stand in solidarity with them and remain committed to helping them on the road ahead,” Santos shared.

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Futuro Media also shared that it will continue to produce the Peabody Award-winning “Latino USA” radio show and operate the Pulitzer Prize-winning podcast division Futuro Studios and the IRE award-winning Futuro Investigates.

There is no word yet on the status of other Futuro Studios programming such as "In the Thick" and "Latino Rebels."

De Los reached out to Futuro Media for comment. Marlon Bishop, vice president of podcasts, says Futuro founder Maria Hinojosa is “focusing her energy on her team.”

This story originally appeared in Los Angeles Times.