Frustrated TikToker says HBO Max has ‘the worst human test of all time’: ‘So ridiculous’

Many an electronics user has experienced frustration while trying to log into online accounts that require “human” verification tests, but Gavin (@gavinj1998) posted a TikTok that detailed why HBO Max’s verification test just might be the very worst.

In the video, Gavin shared how HBO Max requires the human attempting to just watch TV to solve a series of puzzles, including math equations based on numbers displayed on dice. The only problem? The arrow cursor obscures some of the dice, making the sums literally impossible to solve.

If the user then tries a second option instead of the impossible-to-solve dice solutions, they get a series of audio tests that asks them to identify which sound is an example of a “repeating pattern.” And as the audio in Gavin’s TikTok clearly displays, the sounds are downright puzzling, featuring an array of what appears to be electric violins and other music.

“They all sound the same!” a voice in the background can be heard saying.

Summing up his frustration, Gavin captioned his video: “@HBO why is your human test ridiculous.” And the kicker? After showing his repeated attempts to log in to HBO, Gavin didn’t even have an actual account yet — so all of the verification purposes were simply to get to the log-in screen in the first place.

“Not HBO Max having users sit for an SAT exam to secure an account,” wrote

“Studying for the HBO Max test,” added @jaker854.

“What did you major in? HBO Max logins,” quipped @seesawr.

Gavin and a few of his commenters also noted that Twitter’s verification process to sign up for a Twitter account is equally as ridiculous and difficult. Twitter’s verification consists of a shocking seven tests that have to be manually solved and completed.

There’s also no audio challenge, so if you happen to be visually impaired, it appears you’re just out of luck in the Twittersphere.

Commenters on the videos also pointed out the irony in human verification tests that require challenges that AI can not only solve, but are actually designed around.

“AI is amazing at pattern recognition and object identification. Why on EARTH would they make a test that is tailor made FOR AI?” @micahfalsch noted.

And @chezburger and @electric_garnet had a very interesting theory about what’s actually going on with these increasingly impossible-to-solve “human” verification tests:

“Soon only the robots are going to be able to pass these tests,” @chezburger said.

“Then anyone who fails you let in because they can’t be robots,” @electric_garnet agreed.

“Actually you have a very good point,” said @ishouldhavetried.

In The Know reached out to HBO Max for comment, but they have not yet responded.

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