Freshly Released Prisoner Allegedly Steals Crown Vic from Jail Parking Lot

stolen crown victoria
Released Prisoner Steals Car from Jail Parking LotMorgan County Sheriff's Office / Facebook

An Alabama man was arrested last week after stealing a government-owned ride from the parking lot of the jail he was just freed from following over a year of incarceration, police say.

Andrew Joseph Chenoweth, 33, of Vinemont, Alabama was released from jail last Thursday after spending 568 days in custody for burglary, possession, and traffic charges. Upon his release, he allegedly stole a 2009 Ford Crown Victoria from the jail parking lot. The car belonged to the corrections department.

A jail Lieutenant witnessed the car theft and was able to follow the vehicle. The Lieutenant notified area units and the car was quickly recovered on 6th Ave in Decatur, which is only about a mile and a half from the jail. He was quickly captured and taken back into custody, per the Morgan County Sheriff's Office.

This time, police provided Chenoweth with transportation, but unfortunately for him, the transportation was back to the Morgan County Jail. He is now facing a new charge of theft 1st degree. His bond has been set at $20,000.

Just last month we reported on a story about a man recently released from prison who stole a car carrier full of brand-new Corvettes so he could get home. Now we learn of a man in Alabama who came up with an even worse plan for getting home from jail. These recently released prisoners really need to come up with smarter ways of getting home.

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