Frank’s RedHot Is Launching 6 New Products We Can’t Wait To Get Our Hands On

More ways to put that ish on everything.

The number one hot sauce in the world is once again showing everyone why it's boss. Frank’s RedHot, yes, the $#!t you put on everything, is expanding its portfolio with two all-new product lines.

We’re not sure what’s up in the condiment world this week. Between Hidden Valley’s seven-product drop (including a collab with Cheez-It), French’s new Creamy Dill Pickle Mustard, and now this news, it sounds like our fridge doors are about to be extra loaded with new sauces and dressings this year.

But, in a time when foodies are saying the hotter, the better, we’ll never complain about new hot sauces.

Plus, after retired Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce proved that you can, in fact, put Frank’s RedHot on everything during his Super Bowl partnership, we can’t wait to find out what our next hot sauce staple will be.

Frank’s RedHot is launching two new product lines, each with three new products, including a Dip’n Sauce line and a Squeeze Sauce line.

Frank's RedHot Launches Dip'n Sauce

<p>Frank's RedHot</p>

Frank's RedHot

The new Dip’n Sauce line is thicker than the OG hot sauce but creamier than its Thick Sauce. It’s meant to be spread or dunked into—as opposed to Frank’s traditional hot sauces, which are more for coating foods or finishing them off with a bit of spice.

Frank’s Dip’n Sauce will be available in Buffalo Ranch, Roasted Garlic, and Golden varieties.

  • Buffalo Ranch Dip’n Sauce is just like what it sounds—and the most similar to Frank’s current Thick Sauce—as it’s made with Frank’s RedHot Buffalo sauce and a creamy ranch dressing.

  • Roasted Garlic Dip’n Sauce features the cayenne pepper hot sauce plus a kick of garlic.

  • Sweet & Tangy Golden Dip’n Sauce has a sweet tang combined with traditional spicy Frank’s RedHot.

Because they’re not straight hot sauce, these dipping flavors are a bit milder in spice for those looking to add a touch of heat to sandwiches, chicken tenders, fries, pizza, and veggies.

Frank's RedHot Launches Squeeze Sauce

The second line of sauces is more traditional for Frank’s—and actually solves an age-old problem with the sauce. When using Frank’s OG glass bottle, there’s no real way to control the aim or amount of sauce that spills out.

Now, Frank’s is launching a Squeeze Sauce line sold in flexible plastic bottles with a pointed nozzle. That way, the sauce is easy to squeeze out and you can control the drizzle. The new flavors are:

  • Sriracha Sauce: After the Huy Fong Foods Sriracha shortage that plagued us for years, many other hot sauce brands have stepped up to release new versions—Frank’s RedHot is no different. However, its Sriracha Squeeze Sauce’s unique blend will feature both Sriracha and its classic cayenne pepper flavor.

  • Hot Honey Sauce: In addition to the ever-trending sriracha, Frank’s is hopping on the swicy trend that’s becoming increasingly popular. Its Hot Honey Squeeze Sauce includes Frank’s hot sauce plus sweet honey.

  • Creamy Buffalo Sauce: Lastly, Creamy Buffalo rounds out the collection with a milder Buffalo sauce and a creamier texture.

“Not only are consumers experimenting with different hot sauce flavors, they’re adding it on a wider variety of foods from pizza to noodles. More Frank’s flavors means more versatility, and more ways for consumers to create their own unique signature combinations throughout the year,” said Valda Coryat, North America Vice President of Marketing at McCormick & Company, Inc.

With six new sauces to choose from, we guess you really can find a sauce for everything.

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