A Frank Lloyd Wright Estate In New Canaan, Connecticut Is Now on Sale for $8 Million

frank lloyd wright home connecticut
Frank Lloyd Wright Estate Selling for $8 MillionCourtesy of Udor Photography

A Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home in New Canaan, Connecticut has just been listed for $8 million by Coldwell Banker Realty.

Built in 1955 for Wright's friends, Joyce and John Rayward, the 7,000 square foot home sits on 14 acres of land and features some of the architect's signature elements such as Cherokee-red Colorundum concrete flooring and Philippine mahogany paneling. Its name, Tirranna, comes from the Australian Aboriginal word meaning "running waters" and is a reference to the brook adjacent to the home. The home's last known owners owners were the heirs of businessman Ted Stanley and his wife Veda. The Stanleys purchased the property in 1990, and his heirs acquired the property in 2017 for $8 million, and sold it a year later in 2018 for $4.7 million.

frank lloyd wright new canaan
The home features Cherokee-red Colorundum concrete flooring and Philippine mahogany paneling.Courtesy of Udor Photography

The home comes with seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and a wine celler that has been converted into a bomb shelter. It sits on 14 acres of forested land, and the immediate outdoor property was transformed into gardens by Frank Okamura, the longtime curator of the bonsai collection at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. The home also features a greenhouse, circular pool, tennis court, barn, playhouse, and a one-room guesthouse.

new canaan frank lloyd wright
Tirranna sits on 14 acres of land. Courtesy of Udor Photography

Could it be that the home influenced the Wright's Guggenheim project? Some of Tirranna's design elements suggest that it is definitely possible. The main structure of the classic Usonian abode features a semicircular design that is reminiscent of the Guggenheim museum's exterior build. According to Artnet, the architect stayed in the home while building the museum, and even the greenhouse is built from leftover scalloped glass windows from the Guggenheim project.

frank lloyd wright new canaan
The home is located in New Canaan, Connecticut. udor photography

The home is one of Wright's most notable residential projects. Others include Fallingwater, built in 1939 in Mill Run, Pennsylvania which echoes Tirranna's relationship with the landscape's water, as the home features a cascading waterfall. Fallingwater also features earthy brown tones in its interiors, as does Herbert Jacobs House in Madison, Wisconsin, built in 1937.

new canaan frank lloyd wright
Tirranna, comes from the Australian Aboriginal word meaning "running waters"udor photography

Tirranna's location is also a hotbed for modernist architecture. Aside from Wright, New Canaan, Connecticut features many works by the architectural group, The Harvard Five. The group, based in New Canaan in the 1940s, was comprised of famed architects John M. Johansen, Marcel Breuer, Landis Gores, Philip Johnson, and Eliot Noyes.

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