Fox Sports will feature six-second ads on NFL broadcasts

Every broadcast entity everywhere on earth is in a heated, brutal, do-or-die competition for your attention. Entertainment, whether it’s “Game of Thrones” or the NFL, doesn’t come cheap, and if the networks can’t get your cash a la HBO or Netflix, they’re going to increase their share of your mindspace and sell it to advertisers.

In other words: ads are going to keep on coming at you from all angles.

To wit: Fox Sports will be experimenting this fall with six-second ads, “snackable” (what an awful word) content that appears fast and disappears faster, in theory leaving an indelible impression in your mind that far outlasts the ad’s runtime.

So what’s a six-second ad look like? Hey, glad you asked:

Yeah … tough to forget that one.

Fox began experimenting with six-second ads at the Teen Choice Awards earlier this month. Ads went for $75,000 apiece, a premium price that reflected the attention the ads would get.

“When the six-second ads are placed in unique positions, it has the potential to gain even more attention than a traditional unit,” Eric Shanks, president of Fox Sports, told the New York Times. He indicated that the ads would run amidst current 15- and 30-second ad blocks, and could also run alongside less action-packed moments of the game. Yes, before long ads will consume every instant of your viewing experience.

The theory, at least as put forth by Fox Sports, is that the six-second ads can help cut down on ad time. The NFL is already cutting down its commercial “pods” (groupings of commercials) from five per quarter to four; this move is a way to get more ads into games without adding significantly more dedicated ad space.

Of course, advertisers have been prepping you for this for years. I mean, it’s not like

[Now’s the time to sign up for Fantasy Football! Join for free]

you aren’t already familiar

[Now’s the time to sign up for Fantasy Football! Join for free]

with brief ads interrupting

[Now’s the time to sign up for Fantasy Football! Join for free]

your content, right?

Are six-second ads the NFL’s future?
Are six-second ads the NFL’s future?

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