FOX Sports analyst calls Raptors, Canada 'soft' during radio show

FOX Sports' Chris Broussard chatting on "The Herd" with Colin Cowherd on Friday. (Twitter//@The Herd)
FOX Sports' Chris Broussard chatting on The Herd with Colin Cowherd on Friday. (Twitter//@The Herd)

C’mon, American sports media.

Not this again. Did you not learn from your recent mistakes?

It was less than half a year ago when ESPN’s Marc J. Spears stated on an episode of “The Jump” that Andrew Wiggins would “be a lot tougher” if he grew up in the United States instead of Canada.

“...they make good comedians, but they don’t make toughness,” he added shortly after.

The writer received plenty of flak for his comments and ended up “apologizing” for what he said on Twitter.

Fast forward to his week and it’s clear that Chris Broussard of FOX Sports didn’t get the memo about insulting an entire country while chatting about sports — even if he was doing so in jest.

The radio personality was on a recent episode of “The Herd’ with Colin Cowherd when the topic of the Toronto Raptors came up. Coming off the team’s 116-95 loss to the Philadelphia 76ers in Game 3 of their second round matchup on Thursday night, the discussion focused on the Raptors being a “soft” team.

Then, things shifted. The conversation changed from talking about basketball to a conversation about the country that the Raptors call home.

Skip ahead to 1:50 in the following clip:

“This is a soft team,” said Broussard. “It’s been that way for the last five or six years.”

“Thank you,” replied Cowherd. “And, by the way, I love Canada...”

“Canada’s soft,” interjected Broussard. “I like visiting too, but it’s soft... Drake, Drake is a dope rapper — he’s a little soft...”

Seriously, what gives? And why?

I realize that the purpose of the show is to entertain, but sweeping generalizations — said jokingly or not — are never the way to go. No group wishes to be brushed with the same comb, especially one that doesn’t make any sense.

The Raptors aren’t a reflection of Canada and Canada isn’t a reflection of the Raptors. Making that leap is both lazy and foolish. And, not that it should matter, but of the 16 individuals on the Raptors roster right now, 11 are American.

While you are (hopefully) saying ignorant comments like this for a few laughs, there is a portion of the audience out there that isn’t aware of that.

Sure, there are worse things to be called. However, it’s the nonchalant way 37 million individuals are lumped together that just isn’t cool.

You’re a sports broadcaster. Keep your political commentary to yourself and stay in your lane.

(Thanks and sorry.)

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