We found the cheapest gas price in Whatcom County as fuel costs continue to increase

Washington state’s and Whatcom County’s gas prices have increased again compared with last month, but we’ve found the cheapest local gas in the county for you to save at the pump.

As the national average price of a gallon of gas was $3.54 on Tuesday, June 6, according to the American Automobile Association, the same price as last month’s average. Gas prices in Washington and Whatcom County also increased.

Washington gas prices

Washington state’s average cost of gas per gallon is now $4.72, a 14-cent increase from May’s average of $4.58. Last June, gas averaged $5.40 a gallon in Washington state, 68 cents above the current average, according to AAA.

Although gas prices dropped from extreme highs in 2022, Washington state’s average cost of gas per gallon has continued to increase throughout 2023.

Washington state has the third-highest gas prices in the country after California and Hawaii. California has the highest gas in the country, averaging $4.85 a gallon, according to AAA.

Whatcom County prices

Whatcom County’s average cost of gas per gallon was one of the lowest in the state in January at $3.62 according to AAA data. Since then, Whatcom’s gas prices have steadily increased.

In May, Whatcom County’s average gallon of gas is $4.60, a 2-cent increase compared to May.

The Bellingham Herald also compared gas prices to Whatcom County’s northern neighbor, Vancouver, British Columbia, where gas prices average 1.91 Canadian dollars per liter, or $5.40 per gallon, according to the Canadian Automobile Association.

How to find the cheapest gas

To find the cheapest gas in your area, the GasBuddy app uses your phone’s location or ZIP code to report the prices of the nearest gas stations in real-time.

GasBuddy also has a list of the ten cheapest gas station prices in Whatcom County and updates prices in real time.

The cheapest gas price in Whatcom County on Tuesday, June 6, was $3.89 a gallon at Chevron at 8195 Guide Meridian Road in Lynden, according to GasBuddy.