This foul-mouthed kid is every angry Mets fan right now

You’ve heard the saying “sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying,” well in the case of the New York Mets and one young fan, sometimes you need to go on foul-mouthed social media rants to keep from crying.

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The Mets are a team besieged by injuries, most recently ace Noah Syndergaard, who has a partially torn lat muscle we learned Monday morning. They’ve gone from a club with World Series-level talent and expectations to sitting in the last in the NL East with question marks abound.

In other words: They’ve given their fans a reason to curse. None might be more eye-popping, though, than the young Instagrammer who calls himself Mets Maniac. He unleashed a F-word-laced rant after the team’s 23-5 loss (not a typo) Sunday to the Washington Nationals. Warning: NSFW, obviously.

This team needs a wake up call. Syndergarrd also needs a robotic arm!???????? SO: @barstoolsports

A post shared by The Mets Maniac (@mets_maniac) on Apr 30, 2017 at 4:38pm PDT

Yeah, that’s something all right. We don’t know too much about Mets Maniac, other than he looks to be still on the brink of being a teenager and has the gall to call Syndergaard, all 6-foot-6 of him, a “Barbie doll.”

In a previous video, Mets Maniac says he’s from Texas, so that explains why his accent doesn’t sound like the ones in Queens. But he has expressed a disdain for Bryce Harper and proved that he couldn’t contain himself — even on Father’s Day — when the Braves swept the Mets, so he’s pretty down for the cause.

The Instagrammer known as @Mets_Maniac is not happy these days. (@Mets_Maniac)
The Instagrammer known as @Mets_Maniac is not happy these days. (@Mets_Maniac)

Mets Maniac has been at this for a while now, but this latest video is getting the kid more attention. You won’t be surprised to hear he got a co-sign from Barstool Sports, which will surely help the kid’s effort at becoming a foul-mouthed social-media celeb. (Unless his mom washes his mouth out with soap first).

Let’s hope he’s either looking for Internet fame or hoping to get a job one day as the next Stephen A. Smith. Better that than another sports fan with anger issues.

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