Former Olympian hires dog walker, finds two shirtless men on his couch

Klete Keller likely won’t be using the Wag dog-sitting app any time soon.
Klete Keller likely won’t be using the Wag dog-sitting app any time soon.

It likely didn’t take very long for Klete Keller to figure out what was going on.

There was Keller, a three-time U.S. Olympic swimmer, returning to his Colorado home after hiring a sitter to look after his dog while he was away. The first clue was a strange odour that Keller can only describe as “disgusting,” but the following clues were much more disturbing.

Keller entered his home to find two shirtless men sitting on his couch, which at first glance must have looked like two overheated thieves attempting to rob his house. But after asking the men to leave, Keller noticed two items sitting on his living room table: a camcorder, and a bottle of personal lubricant.

The woman he had hired to look after his dog was apparently taking a shower at the time. And Keller’s dog, Jimbo, was found locked in a room, sitting in his own urine. Oh, and Keller’s bed sheets were dirty, for what that’s worth.

“It’s pretty self explanatory what was going on,” Keller told Fox 21, adding that he spotted what appeared to be “bodily fluid” on his couch. “It was just a total mess and I can only imagine what poor Jimbo saw in there.”

Keller reportedly used an app called “Wag!” when he hired the promiscuous dog sitter, whose 4.96 out of 5 rating is likely to take a pretty good hit after this story began making the rounds online. It’s a strange story that borders on hilarious — unless you’re Keller — but it wouldn’t be complete without the woman’s ridiculous account of what had been going on.

“To be completely honest, I didn’t have WD-40 and my keys were stuck in my car,” she explained, “so I ended up grabbing what I had in my car, for things, that, you know, I do in my personal time and I didn’t think to put it back in my car.”

She seemed to have a wacky explanation for everything, including the “bodily fluids” on the couch. “I wouldn’t know anything about that, because I know that I took a shower at his house and I was on the couch in a towel … and that was before my friends got there.”

She may not be honest, but at least she’s apologetic.

“I’d like to apologize to him for making him feel like I violated his house, because that wasn’t my intention,” said the woman. “I misinterpreted information and I had guests over when I shouldn’t have.”

You’re likely wondering, “does this Wag app conduct background checks on it’s dog sitters?” They do, and this particular dog sitter/walker had apparently passed with flying colours. She’s reportedly completed 305 sittings and walks before meeting Jimbo. Poor, poor Jimbo.

“We have launched an investigation into this incident and have suspended the sitter from our platform,” the company said in a statement shared with Fox. “The circumstances around this incident are unacceptable, and we expect everyone on our platform to conduct themselves in a professional manner. The trust and safety of the Wag! community is a top priority, and we are working with the dog’s owner to restore his trust.”

Good luck with that, Wag!