Ford Maverick with a truck bed cap caught in spy photos

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Being a pickup truck, the 2022 Ford Maverick will undoubtedly receive all kinds of accessories from all variety of aftermarket companies. One of the big ones will surely be bed caps to provide more covered cargo space. In the spy shots above, we get our first glimpse of what the Maverick could look like with one. And this might even be a cap that Ford is creating to sell to owners directly.

There are a number of reasons we think this could be an official Ford truck cap. First, the truck has manufacturer plates, and obviously it's not on dealer lots yet. The rear window on the cap is marked with marker numbers, and the side windows have Ford oval stickers. Additionally, the cap is color-matched nicely, and the design is very conscientious of the Maverick's design. The top of the window line matches perfectly to the black trim along the edge of the bed, and there are curves and bevels that fit the overall truck.

It does have great fit and nice details, though some aspects do look a little funny. We're not entirely sure why it sits a little higher than the actual roof of the Maverick. Sure it adds some upward space, but was it going to be that hard to fit things under the roofline? The little spoiler at the back is a little odd, too. But on the whole, it's not horrible, and it will likely be a popular purchase for new Maverick owners.

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