Ford Highland Plant Adventure Reveals Automotive History

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It’s a monument to car culture…

The Ford motor company is one of the most prominent businesses in the American automotive industry today. Typically you might expect the next sentence to read something like what it all wasn’t always like that. However yes it was in fact pretty much always like that and there are many Great monuments to recognize the brand history across the nation. Although there is one building which seems like it should’ve been preserved a hell of a lot better than it was in respect for that name.

That was the Ford corporate building in Highland Park, a massive factory to say the least. It might not look like much from a quick glance on the outside but on the inside you start to recognize all the history that went into the cars many Ford enthusiast known and love. One of the first places we are treated to a very detailed video of is the executive parking garage and working area for all of the higher up positions. You might imagine where Henry Ford would’ve parked along with any members of his family and other high-ranking figures in the company. Back in the day, this area was beautifully decorated and polished up nicely for the workers.

Also shown in the small documentary is what was likely the engineering room which has all sorts of controls, switches, and fire safety equipment. On top of that there are a lot of pictures of the plant before it was eventually discontinued in which you can very clearly see many Ford models presented and shown off with pride around the building. This is also likely why there is an elevator perfectly built for a wide variety of sizeable of automobiles. Overall this is an incredible piece of Ford history and it’s almost sad knowing its current condition even if it shows the contrast between old and new.

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