Forbes made a list of the world’s most profitable teams. Where did the Dallas Cowboys land?

Christopher Hanewinckel/Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys have gone by the moniker Americas Team since the late ’70s but their marketability extends far outside of the U.S.

Forbes recently made a list of the 25 most profitable sports franchises in the world and the Dallas Cowboys topped the list by a significant margin.

The list examined which teams generated the most operating income over the past three seasons. Operating income is a figure derived from the amount of profit a business makes after deducting operating costs.

Jerry Jones’ team placed No. 1 on the list with an operating income of $1.17 billion over the past three years. The second-place New England Patriots were at almost half that with $623 million.

The NFL dominated the list with 13 of the 25 teams being from the NFL. The NFC East was the only division in the NFL to have all four teams in the top 25.