‘Fool Me Once’ Lands on Netflix’s Most Popular TV List After 35 Days

“Fool Me Once,” the Harlan Coben crime drama, has entered Netflix’s list of Most Popular English TV after only 35 days. The Most Popular lists track how well a title is viewed during its first 91 days on the streamer.

It entered ninth place on this list with 84.9 million views following the week of Jan. 29. Previously, “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story” occupied the 10th spot on this list with 81.3 million views, and “The Witcher” Season 1 occupied ninth place with 83 million views.

That wasn’t the only change-up when it came to the Most Popular lists. On the Most Popular English Films list, Sam Esmail’s apocalyptic drama “Leave the World Behind” climbed to No. 6, garnering 137.7 million views in its first 59 days. Meanwhile, the “Money Heist” spinoff “Berlin” rose to No. 9 on the Most Popular Non-English TV list, securing 51.9 million views in its first 38 days. Just like with “Fool Me Once,” those numbers are only expected to increase.

As for typical weekly figures that didn’t break Netflix records, “Griselda” came in as the most-watched title of the week. The limited series starring and executive produced by Sofía Vergara, created by Eric Newman and directed by Andres Baiz spent its second week in the No. 1 spot with 20.6 million views. It also reached the Top 10 list in 90 countries worldwide.

Elsewhere on the English TV list, the docuseries “Alexander: The Making of a God” came in second place with 7.1 million views and “American Nightmare” came in third place with 5.6 million views. Those were then followed by “Fool Me Once” in the No. 4 spot (5.1 million views for the week) and Season 2 of “Love on the Spectrum” at No. 5 (2.3 million views).

After the English TV list, the non-English films list had the second most watched title of the week with the South Korean action-adventure flick “Badland Hunters.” The movie topped the list for a second week in a row, securing 18.1 million views.

For its fifth consecutive week, the Best International Film Oscar nominee “Society of the Snow” appeared on the list. This time the Spanish drama came in second place with 10.6 million views. That was followed by the Hindi drama “Animal” in third place (5.5 million views), the German martial arts movie “Sixty Minutes” in fourth place (4.9 million views) and the Belgium World War II drama “WIL” in fifth place (3.4 million views) during the week of its debut.

The English-language films list was led by Bao Nguyen’s documentary about the “We Are the World” charity benefit, “The Greatest Night in Pop,” which secured 11.9 million views. That was followed in second place by DreamWorks Animation’s “Orion and the Dark,” which saw 10 million views in its second week. Kevin Hart’s “Lift” appeared on the list for the fourth week in a row, gaining 8.2 million views as well as third place. Since its debut the action comedy has been viewed 95.1 million times. Fourth and five place were occupied by the undersea horror flick “Deep Fear” (7.6 million views) and the murderous thriller “The Postcard Killings” (4.9 million views), respectively.

Last but certainly not least, the South Korean rom-com “Doctor Slump” topped the non-English TV list with 2.9 million views. It was followed by the Chilean crime thriller “Baby Bandito” (2 million views), the anime “The Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse” (1.9 million views), the Spanish “Money Heist” prequel series “Berlin” (1.8 million views) and the Indian animated kids series “Mighty Bheem’s Playtime” (1.5 million views).

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