Food podcast: Chef Antonio Bachour’s jeweled desserts made him an internet sensation

Antonio Bachour’s beautiful desserts became famous before he did.

The Puerto Rican dessert chef of Lebanese descent was an early social media adopter, and that helped the world discover the jeweled pastries he makes at his eponymous Coral Gables bakery, Bachour (pronounced like a sneeze). Now millions of followers on Instagram watch him make the glistening, colorful mirror-glazed desserts for which he has been named the best pastry chef in the world.

On the Oct. 6 episode of La Ventanita, my co-host Amy Reyes and I will talk to Bachour about how his family went from a tiny village in Lebanon to Puerto Rico, where he was born. And how he developed the talent for making desserts with a surgeon’s skill. He now has a full-on restaurant with a new one on the way in the Design District.

Plus we’ll discuss:

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