Fog covers Gillette Stadium, blocking out Falcons-Patriots game

Shutdown Corner
The fog rolls in. (via screenshot)
The fog rolls in. (via screenshot)

Early on, the Super Bowl rematch wasn’t a pretty game by any standard—unless you were a Patriots fan, of course—but apparently Mother Nature had seen enough and, midway through the third quarter, sent in a wool-blanket fog to cover Gillette Stadium.

The fog was thick enough that NBC couldn’t use its typical field views, since the fog obscured all but the very closest angle. So the broadcast went to a Madden-style angle, giving viewers a look at just how impressive Tom Brady can be in the pocket, and just how inept the Falcons offense is this season.

The weather brought to mind the infamous “Fog Bowl,” when the Bears beat the Eagles in an all-but-invisible New Year’s Eve 1988 showdown. In that game, players couldn’t even see the sidelines, much less the end zone, and the Bears slogged to a 20-12 win even though Philadelphia’s Randall Cunningham threw for more than 400 yards. And even that mess was a gem compared to this game.

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