Floyd Mayweather labels Conor McGregor ‘McQuitter’ and takes aim at Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez's record contract

Jack Watson
The Independent

Floyd Mayweather has labelled Conor McGregor ‘McQuitter’ and took aim at Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez after the Mexican boxer signed one of the most lucrative sports contracts in history.

Mayweather stopped McGregor in the tenth round when they met in the ring in August 2017 in the American’s last fight, but he is now preparing to once again come out of retirement and extend his 50-0 record in a fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov.

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Khabib beat McGregor at UFC 229 and caused controversy when he leapt out of the cage following his win and proceeded to attack members of McGregor’s camp as violence broke out in the octagon.

Mayweather was critical of his former opponents in a rant on Instagram. “It didn’t matter if Canelo ate his PED steak or not this night, this was the easiest fight of my career!” Mayweather said in reference to Canelo’s suspension for a doping violation.

“Conor McQuitter was a way better fighter than Canelo’s cheating ass and I beat the breaks off him too! It takes me 36 minutes or less to make $300 million plus. It literally takes me 1 night and 1 fight to make what you might make in 5 years and 11 fight! So really, who’s still winning? You do the math!”

Canelo signed a record-breaking 11-fight deal with streaming service DAZN which is worth a minimum of $365m and said he wants redemption against Mayweather after he was beaten by ‘Money’ in 2014.

“That’s something I would love,” he told Sports Illustrated. “If he wants to come back and is still motivated to come back, he should do it right and give me the opportunity to have that rematch and demonstrate who is better. I think in that first fight, experience beat me as I was very young. And I don’t have much more to say other than his experience beat me and he is a great fighter.”

Mayweather, who is said to be in talks with Manny Pacquiao over a fight, is currently weighing up taking on Khabib and responded to the Russian’s call to find out who is king of the jungle by inviting the MMA star to “come into my world”.

“Oh, we fighting. He called me out. So, he gotta come to my world,” Mayweather told TMZ Sports. “I’m my own boss. So, I can’t say what’s going on on Khabib’s end. But, on my end, we can make it happen.

“When I face Khabib I’m getting a nine-figure payday. It’s more than the McGregor fight. Probably $100m more, guaranteed.”

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