Floyd Mayweather out? Here's who is still in Justin Bieber's inner circle

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Justin Bieber returns to church in Beverly Hills in August 2017. (Photo: BACKGRID)
Justin Bieber returns to church in Beverly Hills in August 2017. (Photo: BACKGRID)

As Justin Bieber‘s faith continues to evolve, so, too, does his squad.

According to a new report from TMZ, pastors at Hillsong Church are counseling Bieber on the people he hangs around with, encouraging him to cut out bad influences. One casualty of Justin’s religious renaissance? Floyd Mayweather.

Bieber, 23, unfollowed Mayweather on Instagram in a move to reportedly reset boundaries of their friendship (apparently, the boxer likes strip clubs too much). Sources tell the outlet that Mayweather has gone “insane, nuclear” over the social media diss.

While we’re not exactly sure who’s getting cut next, take a look at who’s safely “in” Bieber’s inner circle:

Carl Lentz: Carl Lentz is one of the lead pastors of Hillsong Church, Bieber’s home away from home. Before Bieber canceled the remaining dates of his Purpose World Tour, Lentz was a frequent figure on the road with him, and the two are extremely close.

TMZ reports that Bieber views Lentz as a “guiding presence” in his life, as well as a second father. The two have been inseparable for months. According to numerous outlets, Bieber views Hillsong Church as an escape from celebrity life — even though many celebrities are members.

“Being more spiritual and attending church is how he finds his energy and focus again,” a source tells People.

Patrick Schwarzenegger: Bieber has become tight with Schwarzenegger, 23, in recent months, thanks in part to their faith. In May, they were photographed spending the weekend together in New York City, and E! reports that the singer has continued to lean on Arnold’s son during this transition period. The insider says “that both Bieber and Schwarzenegger enjoy being involved in the church and have been hanging out a lot doing sober and relaxed activities together recently.”

Jaden Smith: It’s not entirely out with the old, as it appears that Bieber’s longtime pal Jaden Smith is still a friend. The singer posted an old photo of Smith on Instagram writing, “Ur adorable Jaden.” We don’t think that post would be allowed if Will Smith’s son was on the “banned friend list.” It appears that the love is still mutual between JB and JS too.

Chad Veach: Another big spiritual presence in Bieber’s life is Chad Veach. Veach is a pastor at Zoe Church in Los Angeles (Hillsong Church is based out of NYC), and it seems when Bieber isn’t with Lentz, he’s with Veach.

Bieber has been close with Veach and his wife, Julia, for years. In 2015, he was one of many celebs who got a “G” tattoo in honor of the Veaches’ daughter, Georgia, who was diagnosed with a rare brain-formation disorder.


A post shared by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on Aug 4, 2017 at 12:10pm PDT

Veach has been spotted with the Biebs — in person and on his Instagram page — frequently in the past month.

Hailey BaldwinBieber appears to still be in the same circle as his ex-gal pal, Hailey Baldwin. The model was photographed going to church with Lentz in New York this week, and she frequently attends services when in town. She also attended the Zoe Church Conference earlier this month, which Bieber also attended, and he’s still following the model on social media.

John Mayer: Here’s hoping that Mayer avoids strip clubs so he can stay on the “good” list. The “Your Body Is a Wonderland” singer came to Bieber’s defense shortly after he abruptly canceled his tour. It appears that the respect is mutual. The two have been having a bromance on Instagram, “liking” each other’s photos and leaving comments on various pics. Bieber even called Mayer a “boss on every level.”

Judah Smith: Judah Smith and his wife are the lead pastors of the City Church in Seattle, and Judah is also close with Lentz. Bieber has attended Smith’s star-studded Bible-study sessions in Los Angeles on many occasions, and the two have remained close over the years. The respect between Smith and Bieber is clearly mutual.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner: Never fear — it seems that Bieber can still keep up with the Kardashians. Or at least the Jenners. The Biebs is still following Kendall and Kylie on Instagram, and they all continue to like one another’s pics.

See, scandalous selfies are not in the same category as strip clubs.

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