Florida State kicker completely whiffs on hilarious onside kick attempt

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Florida State still had a chance to beat Florida. Until it didn’t.

In a game with bowl eligibility on the line on both sides, the Seminoles cut Florida’s lead to 24-21 with 49 seconds to play. From there, FSU’s only option was to attempt an onside kick.

That’s when this happened.


Look closely. Florida State kicker Parker Grothaus missed the ball on the kick attempt. Well he didn’t completely miss it. 

He grazed the ball, and it just barely fell off the tee.


It clearly wasn’t what he had in mind, but Grothaus did make the slightest of contact with the ball. As a result, the kick did not go the requisite 10 yards for the Seminoles to try to recover it.

That gave the ball back to Florida, which was able to run out the rest of the clock and seal a 24-21 victory.

With the win, Florida finished the regular season with a 6-6 record, meaning it is bowl eligible even after the firing of head coach Dan Mullen. Florida State, meanwhile, finishes the season 5-7 and won’t go to a bowl.

FSU opened the year 0-4 but won five of its next seven to even have the chance to get to a bowl. Instead, the Seminoles will miss a bowl for the second straight season.

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