Fletcher Gives Herself “Best Nipple Performance” in This Fab Naked Dress Pic

fletcher frees the nipple naked dress underwear instagram photos
Fletcher Is Stunning in Naked Dress PicsSarah Morris - Getty Images

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Fletcher didn’t win a Grammy on Sunday night, but that’s okay—she’s giving herself her own award. The singer-songwriter casually dropped a photo of the look she wore to the Grammys after-party, writing “best nipple performance” in the caption.

Well, the 28-year-old freed the nipple and looked incredibly strong in a super-cool chain-mail dress, which she paired with black briefs. Fletcher went braless for the night in the totally see-through dress (because why not?) and was clearly feeling herself. She was also mega-sculpted, from her abs to her booty.

People cheered her on in the comments. “That’s hot 🔥,” said Paris Hilton. “I’m not sure whether I should be putting my phone in rice or in ice. I’m calling Apple,” someone else joked.

Here’s a shot of the dress:

fletcher nipples abs butt see through dress grammys instagram photos
Fletcher at the Grammy Awards.Getty Images

Fletcher has made it clear that she’s at a point in her life where she feels really confident. “Embracing myself took a really long time,” she told People. “To finally be at a point where it feels like a celebration in my own skin is something that I am currently feeling [and] that other people have the capacity to feel too. Not only the capacity but the way that they also deserve.”

She’s big on her fans learning to love themselves too. “You don’t have to be somewhere that outwardly accepts you to begin accepting yourself internally and loving yourself unconditionally,” she said. “We live in a world and a society that capitalizes off of our self-hatred, and the most rebellious thing that you can do in the face of that is to unapologetically love yourself. Nobody gets to dictate that narrative other than you.”

Fletcher told Harper’s Bazaar that she just wants to be herself—and if other people aren’t okay with that, it’s not her problem. “I am not perfect,” she said. “I’m going to make so many mistakes, I’m going to say sh*t that I didn’t mean to say, I’m going to trip on a red carpet. I’m a hot mess, in my life as a person, so I’m going to be that way as an artist. I’m not going to put on any facade or any act for anybody, and if you tell me to, I’ll tell you to f*ck off.”

Fletcher also stresses the importance of not allowing people to put you in a box. “I’ve been frustrated with myself about that. What am I?” she said. “The biggest thing that I’ve realized is that it doesn’t matter at all. Human beings are really beautiful, and that’s really special that I have been given that ability to be able to see somebody regardless of their gender.…You’re literally so perfect just the way that you are, and you don’t need to box yourself in just to have other people understand you better.”

Keep doing you, Fletcher!

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