Five things we learned from F1's Esports racing

Jonathan Noble
·1 min read

The two separate events, which treated fans to three online races around the Sakhir track, were likely the first time that many had tuned into an online sim racing event.

Having sat through the three hours of fun, here are the key things we took away from the evening's action.

F1 2019 screenshot

F1 2019 screenshot<span class="copyright">Veloce Racing</span>
F1 2019 screenshotVeloce Racing

Veloce Racing

The biggest positive from the two events was that for three hours on Sunday night, Formula 1 and sim racing fans were finally able to switch off from the bombardment of coronavirus news that has gripped the world for weeks.

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With many of us having lives dictated by the ebb and flow of the real motorsport calendar, the growing likelihood of being robbed of track action for many months to come has been hard to comprehend. And racing is something that we are all going to miss.

While the wider world's talk of self isolation and lockdowns are far more important than undercuts and overtaking in the grand scheme of things, being able to switch off for a bit and be entertained by some virtual wheel-to-wheel action has a value for lifting spirits and bringing all the racing community back together.

Both Veloce and F1 should be applauded for putting the smile back on many people's faces during these difficult times.