Five makeup tricks to look effortless during your Zoom call meeting

Sulagna D
·1 min read
Makeup. Afro Young Woman Applying Face Powder With Cosmetic Brush Looking In Bathroom Mirror. Panorama, Selective Focus,
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Just like the way we have changed the way we dress up for working from home, makeup and skincare have become an integral part of our daily routine. This is a good time to go minimal with your makeup and let your skin breathe. Here are some makeup ideas you can try to look put together and professional during your virtual meetings.

Start by prepping your skin up with a good cleanser. Follow it up with a moisturiser and don’t forget to put on sunscreen, even if you are working from home as the blue light from your screen can also have adverse effects on your skin in the long run.

Once your face is prepped, use minimal amount of makeup to elevate you look.

  • Invest in a good concealer to hide those bags under your eyes, thanks to binge watching shows late into the night.

  • A kajal or an eyeliner is subtle way to wake your eyes up and elevate your face.

  • Follow that up with one coat of mascara.

  • A cream blush is a great way to add some colour to your face without looking too made up.

  • Add a dash of a lipstick in a neutral shade like nude or pink.

This is all you need to look effortlessly put together and professional during your zoom calls. Also, make sure your hair is combed and not in a top knot or a bun from last night.