Your first Sunderland games

A banner that says 'your views' with an eye where the iris is stylised as a football
A banner that says 'your views' with an eye where the iris is stylised as a football

After the discussion of first games came up on the Total Sport Sunderland AFC podcast, we asked you about your first experiences fo watching the Black Cats.

John: Not my first game but the first I can remember specifically. 1964 FA Cup quarter-final vs Man U. Two replays, I missed the second in Leeds, 270 minutes, 16 goals, sadly knocked out 5-1 in the second replay. Aged 11, I took a stool to stand on at Old Trafford so I could see.

Samson: There was a blizzard during the game and it got abandoned after 20 minutes. This was in the middle of April! Rory Delap broke his nose!

David: My first ever game was back in the days of Roker Park and a gentleman by the name of James Baxter (The late, GREAT) was making his debut, against Sheffield United, I believe he actually scored two goals that day...MAGICAL.

Alan: My first Sunderland game was on the 26 December 1962. My biggest memory of the game was of Brian Clough getting injured and seeing him being stretched off. Although he tried to make a comeback later on in his career ultimately this ended his playing. The team they were playing was Bury and their centre half at the time was a lad called Bob Stokoe.

Tony: Sunderland v Sheff Wed, 1-2 at Roker Park. First Division but both went down that season. Great steak pies and bovril in The Clock Stand. 8-years-old.

Steve: First game: Home to Forest in 1965, won 4-0 in our first season back in the First Division. I remember Mike Hellawell scored one of the goals.

Simon: My first ever game was Sunderland v Newcastle at Roker Park in 1979. I was 6-years-old and went with my dad and uncle. All I can remember is the score was 0-0 and it was raining Newcastle Brown Ale bottles. Lifelong fan ever since. Ha'way the lads.

Kevin: I’ve been going to see Sunderland since 1954, I was 9. The first game was against Wolves 0-0 can’t remember anything about it. I read recently that Bob Murray’s first game was in that year. The next game was against Aston Villa again it was 0-0. Can’t remember when I saw my first goal. By the way Sunderland will be fine. Trust the owners for once.

Terry: The first match I ever saw was at Roker Park on Saturday 10 September 1955. I was with my twin brother Tony, my father and two of my uncles from South Shields. Sunderland beat Chelsea 4-3 and we were then living in Bradford and both have been supporters ever since. We were passed over the crowd to watch behind the goal line. Crowd 45,650.

Nev: First ever Sunderland game was Sheffield Wednesday in 2005, perhaps? I was 4, and my dad had taken me while my mum was working. We went with my little brother, who despite being a rabid football fan now, hated the entire experience. We were right at the back and couldn’t see a thing. 1-0 victory though, so it didn’t really matter!

Michael: My first Sunderland game was 1965 versus Leicester city 3-3 and Derek Forster debut, the youngest player to wear a Sunderland strip. I remember that the Alan Brown had left before the game and we had a caretaker manager. The attendance was 45,465 and I was at the front of the Fulwell end George Mulhall scored after 3 minutes and the place erupted.