First graders send Jaguars tips on how to beat the Patriots

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You know, any year but this, we could take a story like “First graders offer tips for Jaguars to win” and make the easy, hanging-right-there joke: that those first graders could do a better job running the Jags than the current regime.

But since somehow, against all rational expectation, the Jaguars have reached the AFC championship game, we have to dial back the cheap humor and go with the truth: this is a sweet gesture from the kids in the first grade at the Bolles School.

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Jaguars coach Doug Marrone showed the kids’ letters to the media on Thursday morning:

Doug Marrone is getting advice from everywhere. (Getty)
Doug Marrone is getting advice from everywhere. (Getty)

Marrone did allow that he’s heard from plenty of people on how to defeat the hated Pats, but considering how well they’ve fared over the last decade-plus, he doesn’t place a whole lot of stock in their opinions: “I find it hard to believe how so many people have an opinion on how to beat the New England Patriots, and no one has really … done that.”

Here are a few of the best letters:

Some of the tips:

“Don’t be nervous. Don’t fumble … Look your opponent in the eye.”

“Run fast and have fun. Don’t blow your coverage!”

“Intercept the ball. Score touchdowns. Stay on your man. Eat lots of chicken.”

“Don’t fumble. Sack Tom Brady. Get a Pick 6.”

That’s some useful advice! And we sure hope one of those cute lil’ letters has DOUBLE-COVER GRONK scrawled in crayon. Even first graders know that rule.

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