The First Full Moon of 2024 Is Here

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Your Horoscope for the Full Moon in LeoGetty/Margie Rischiotto

Full Moons are a time for releasing and relinquishing. If you have an excess in your life, this is the time for it to go down the drain. Through silent meditation, exchanging of thoughts, or a spiritual practice, Full Moons are a point when we can let go. January's Full Moon in Leo is an astrological hint to reminisce about how much you've grown. Following Western astrology, these new and complete Moon guides are monthly reminders to set and review your intentions—your horoscope is a rudimentary prompt for self-reflection.

We can achieve true confidence when we let go of fear. How often have you hesitated to do the activity that would help you improve? For whatever reason, sometimes we psych ourselves out. It could be due to fear of failure or being perceived undesirably. We can lose motivation towards personal growth because we would rather sit comfortably atop Pride Rock than seek out the shadowy and intimidating unknown.

For some, it may not be an appropriate time to nose dive into more discomfort. However, if you live within the realm of what is familiar and feel relatively safe, it's not fair to yourself to avoid personal enrichment. It's never fun putting yourself in a vulnerable position. Taking risks is scary, and sometimes your only reward is a lesson. You might be feeling as though your desires won't be met, but a part of personal growth is failure. You will never grow unless you learn to make friends with your shame.

On January 25 at 12:52 P.M. Eastern Time, the proud Moon in Leo will oppose the Sun in the community-minded zodiac sign of Aquarius, forming the Full Moon in Leo. Check in with yourself and question how you may be hiding behind false confidence. You are allowed to be scared, love. If you need to cuddle up with a comfort item or have a good cry, follow the flow of mind. Temporary comfort is a form of coping, not stagnancy. This Full Moon is a great time to journal how about fear shows up in your life, and the steps you can take to overcome pride.

Read your horoscopes based on your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs. Read for your Sun sign to gain insight based on the version of yourself that you're maturing into, your Rising sign to reflect on your present state, and your Moon sign for guidance on how to care for your inner child. If you find your horoscope helpful, please share it and tag me on social media @monishaholmes.

Your horoscope for the Full Moon in Leo


Aries, old habits die hard if you're resistant to release them. When you learn to heighten your awareness of your maladaptive patterns, you can learn how to let go of them and have fun. You might be telling yourself that you're doing fine, but you would still benefit from checking in with yourself. Consider how your creative endeavors influence who you're surrounded by.


Taurus, your typical fixed sign approach to hoarding trinkets or sentimental reminders of the past keeps you from becoming the person you want to be. Start with who you are behind closed doors. Keeping your home tidy when no one else is around will influence how you feel about yourself. Your confidence is fueled by your willingness to bring out your best self. Cut ties from embarrassing items to make room for affirming decor.


Gemini, take time to carefully assess what your standard of "normal" is. Have you learned to speak proudly about a value or interest based? Or do you assert your views on someone who did not particularly ask for a lecture? You may have a high appreciation for the lessons you've learned, but chances are you mindlessly repeating habits that deserve further consideration.


Cancer, how do you hold onto outdated possessions? Do you convince yourself you'll use them at some unspecified time in the future? Do you believe it's fair to your present self to keep your closet full of clothes that don't fit you right now? My dear, when you hold onto items, beliefs, and hopes that aren't based on the present, you hinder the future from blessing you. It's okay to let go, even if it means you take a hit to your pride.


Leo, please, for your life, do not go ahead and be your worst enemy. You are neither a mind-reader nor a fortune teller. Even though you might feel suspicious, it doesn't mean your guesses are hard-core facts. You welcome meaningful relationships when you learn to cut a slice of humble-berry pie. Why be bitter when you could be surrounded by people who help you become better?


Virgo, babe, you're living in illusions if you don't get outside your own head! The pressure you subconsciously place on yourself hinders your ability to live a happy and healthy life. Of course, many of you allow happiness to be your primary driver, and I love you for it. But when you let fear and disgust be your co-pilot, you muddle up the journey! Be mindful of where you're going; look around and remember that you're probably doing fine as long as you follow the rules!


Libra, it feels like you've been going through three to four years of purging friends and community members who stunt your personal growth. This is another reminder to start cutting out people you only surround yourself with due to status. Shallow relationships can turn dysfunctional super quickly, and who needs that smoke? Babe, you deserve clarity, truth, and pleasure. Make room for meaningful relationships; they are destined to come to you.


Scorpio, repeat after me: "My career is not my coping mechanism, and I will thrive when I learn to chill the f**k out." There you go, that's your horoscope. Emotional matters may lead you to wish you could succeed out of heartbreak. Trust me, while I feel the sentiment, that's not how that works! Take a break, it's okay!


Sagittarius, chill out on all the vacations. I get it; it's soooo hot to be traveling and out and about. You might be picking up some bad habits that need your attention. Your journeys are superficial if you never slow down and comprehend the root of your behaviors. Park your car, delete your airline app, and self-reflect—at least for a month! There's nothing wrong with giving yourself time to let life catch up to you.


Ooh, Capricorn, it seems like you have the potential to be getting booed up or whatever. We all appreciate your stoic and calm demeanor, however, you must let your guard down to receive the care you desire. Courage and patience will surely help you along your journey, but be careful about allowing logic overtake intimacy. Sure, you should be protective over yourself, but how do you expect to receive if you're unwilling to give? Life should be a mutual exchange.


Happy birthday, beautiful Aquarius! For this solar return, I recommend letting go of your situationship—SWEETHEART, IF YOU HAVE TO PULL TAROT CARDS, THEN WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! If you're in a great, committed relationship, then I'm not talking about your lover, I'm referring to your toxic-ain't-sh*t-hating-ass-anti-bestie. If you don't like the people you hold near and dear to you, you must kick them to the curb. Why start a new year with the same drama?


Pisces, take a vacation! No excuses—just book the holiday. You may visit the next town over, or finally check out that dream destination. Change positions with Sagittarius and start traveling! You might be putting too much of your attention into your work and health, which is fine, but overdoing it could cause the opposite effects of what you're intending. Everyone needs a break sometimes, and this is your sign to take one.

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