First-Class Passenger Tries To Open Emergency Door Mid-Flight, Shouts 'I Am God!'


Passengers on a flight fromSan Franciscoto Boise, Idaho got a scare on Monday when a traveler in the first-class section tried to open the emergency exit door. 

I am God!” the unidentified woman can be heard repeating in footage of the incident that was posted by Boise ABC affiliate KIVI.

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Passengers told KBOI, the CBS station in Boise, that the woman shouted “I want to die! Get me off this plane!” before running for the exit. 

Although the woman was restrained aboard SkyWest flight 5449, which was operating as United Express, the plane was not diverted. She was later taken into custody andhanded over to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare for evaluation, KBOI reported. 

She wasn’t acting right or normal from the very beginning (of the flight),” passenger Scott T. Smith told the Idaho Statesmen. 

Smith initially thought the woman was just a nervous traveler, but it soon became apparent something else was wrong as she kept repeating phrases such as “God has all the data,” “I don’t have any data” and “We landed in Boise 15 minutes ago.” 

Smith said people remained calm during the incident. 

“I was never that concerned,” he said. 

It isimpossible for a person to open the emergency exit door during a flight while the cabin is pressurized, as was the case in this incident, per CBS News.  

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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