'The fire is definitely there'

Brentford manager Thomas Frank
[Getty Images]

Brentford manager Thomas Frank, speaking to BBC Match of the Day: "Today I think there was a bit more bite without being through the roof. I think there was just a lack of quality offensively."

On whether there was a lack of motivation: "There's no lack of effort. Everyone's running around, big energy, both knew it was a local derby. There was plenty to be motivated by.

"The narrative is it's the end of the season and no-one can achieve anything. It just happens sometimes."

On whether the lack of 0-0s this season surprises him: "It surprises me it's only 11 but on the flip side it's a league that's so intense and so much quality in general so small mistakes usually get punished."

On Ivan Toney's recent performances: "There are spells for any striker where they don't score in a period of time and then they'll do it again. Ivan is a top player and he will score again soon. He's been out with injury. I think he was average last week and took a step forward this week. Both games we haven't been fantastic offensively so even when Messi was top it was very rare. The team need to click as well."

On having been at Brentford as manager for so long: "The fire is definitely there. It's a massive privilege to be in the Premier League. I never take that in any way. I think it's an achievement for Brentford. The backing and everything we do, what we create together. We want to do what we can for the last two games of the season then we go again."