Fire Country Season 2: EPs Tease ‘Great Surprises’ That Will Make Fans ‘Happy’

Fire Country Season 2: EPs Tease ‘Great Surprises’ That Will Make Fans ‘Happy’

Two of Fire Country‘s creators are here to offer a spark of hope for the CBS hit’s anxious fans.

Season 1 of last season’s most-watched and highest-rated freshman series followed Max Thierot’s Bode as the convict sought redemption (and a shortened sentence) by joining the Three Rock prison-release firefighting program.

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Alas, just as Bode was about to face the parole board after months of being a do-right, an investigator for the state attorney general pulled him aside for a shocking download. She said that because Bode narc’ed on fellow inmate Sleeper (to run off a rival drug dealer, she posited), coupled with his dirty pee test (likely manipulated by Sleeper) and the sack of cash found in best friend Freddy’s possession (courtesy of a train hopper they’d met while working a crash site), he was suspected of being Three Rock’s drug kingpin. And if Bode didn’t fess up,  the air of suspicion would hold up Freddy’s wrongful conviction case/release.

Onetime drug addict Bode thus lied to the parole board, and all in attendance, that he had relapsed and has been peddling drugs at camp. He promptly ended up back behind bars, much to the dismay of both his parents as well as love interest Gabriela.

Watch a Season 2 sneak peek of Bode getting an unwanted prison visitor, then read on for more…

What series of events must unfold for Bode to be rightfully sprung from his self-inflicted prison sentence?

In the video above, TVLine’s Keisha Hatchett posed that exact question to Tony Phelan and Joan Rater, who co-created Fire Country with series star Thieriot.

Phelan said that with the action picking up a full six months later when Season 2 arrives on Friday, Feb. 16, “everybody’s in a new place.” (See: Gaby smooching a new fella in the latest promo!)

What follows from there is “shock after shock after shock…,” Rater teased.

“We’ve got some great surprises coming up for the fans,” Phelan added. “I think people are going to be happy.”

Fire Country Season 2 Episode 1
Fire Country Season 2 Episode 1

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Phelan also told TVLine that in addition to Season 2 introducing a female sheriff that might wind up fronting the hit show’s first spinoff, “we’re just going to get to know more people in Edgewater, and find out what their relationships are to the characters that we love so much.”

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