Is a fifth place Champions League spot enough?

Michael Brown

BBC Sport pundit Michael Brown has been answering your questions on all things Premier League.

Tim asked: Tottenham hit the ground running this season, but the hit-and-miss run of form more recently has fans starting to doubt the high press 'Angeball' approach. What would success look like for Ange this season? Is a fifth place Champions League spot enough to say 'job done'?

Michael replied: Champions League would be a great success. We have seen a full transition in the style of Spurs and there have been exciting games.

It has been what Spurs fans have wanted to see.

In their last game, I interviewed him at Fulham and he said it was the first time he had seen the levels of their intensity and desire drop. That leads into the conversation of whether they can play that way all season.

As for 'Angeball', I have never seen games like it! It has certainly been entertaining.

Michael Brown was speaking to BBC Sport's Katie Stafford