The Fiat Abarth 600e Looks Like an Exciting Electric Hot Hatch

fiat 600e abarth
Abarth 600e Looks Like an Exciting Hot Hatch EVFiat

In the U.S., Fiat's only planned future model that we know of is the standard 500e. Europeans get a much larger pool of Fiats to choose from, including a small crossover called the 600. That car is apparently getting a hot hatch variant from Abarth. That model, which was uncovered on Thursday, is the Abarth 600e.

Details on the new model are sparse, but Abarth has shared a visual of the car drifting off the side of a track. The brand does not say if the 600e will be front-wheel drive like its Fiat cousin, but the choice of visual is an odd one if the car is sending power only to the front wheels as expected.

Fiat says the hot hatch will have 240 hp, which is impressive for a subcompact. That power will be paired with a mechanical limited-slip differential, meaning that the car will be putting that power to the ground in a unique way for a performance EV.

The 600e is a size down from the likes of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 N and Kia EV6 GT, so the Abarth equivalent reflects smaller hot hatchback performance rather than the outrageous power outputs of those bigger crossovers.

The standard 600e is not sold in the U.S. and the Fiat 500L it replaces will not be replaced on the American market. That makes the 600e arriving in the U.S. any time soon unlikely, but Road & Track has reached out to Stellantis for comment on this matter.

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