Female MPs And Young Staff Are Not Safe In Parliament, Labour MP Says

Labour MP Charlotte Nichols
Labour MP Charlotte Nichols

Labour MP Charlotte Nichols

Charlotte Nichols has said female MPs are not safe in parliament as sexual harassment is “baked in”.

The Labour MP for Warrington North said those most at risk are parliamentary staff who are usually much younger.

She also said no political party had “clean hands” on the issue of sexual harassment.

Last week Labour received a formal complaint over the conduct of Swansea West MP Geraint Davies, who had been suspended following allegations of sexual harassment.

It has once again prompted questions about the behaviour of MPs and how their parties handle complaints.

Asked on GB News if MPs are safe, Nichols said: “I don’t think that female MPs are, but I think that the people that are most at risk are parliamentary staff, particularly young women, and young gay men or men perceived to be gay, who have the least power in the institution.

“They are the most at risk and have the least form of redress of any of us.

“I think the issue of sexual harassment and sexual misconduct is unfortunately baked into every single part of how the institution of Westminster operates. No party has clean hands on this.

“But one of the things that I’m concerned about is that I do expect my own party to be better.

“And we’re not having the ability to have the moral high ground at the moment because we can’t even keep our own house in order and on a personal and a professional level, I find it deeply, deeply upsetting.”

Nichols has previously revealed that when she first came into parliament she was given a list of around 30 MPs to avoid, adding: “This was MPs from all different parties, including a handful from my own.”

A Labour spokesperson said the party would urge people with complaints to come forward so they can be investigated and action taken.

Politico website said a sitting Labour MP had also registered a complaint against Davies.

The outlet had earlier reported that five women had made sexual harassment claims against the veteran politician.

Davies said that he did not “recognise” the allegations, according to Politico.

A Labour Party spokesperson said: “We would strongly urge anyone with a complaint to come forward so that allegations can be swiftly and fully investigated and action taken.

“The party has ensured that there is a wide range of support available to complainants, to provide confidence and confidential guidance throughout the disciplinary process.”