Fantasy Football Rankings Week 3: Defense

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  • Fantasy Football Rankings Week 3: Defense

    How confident are you in your ability to identify favorable and unfavorable matchups for D/STs? Through two weeks, we've seen some surprising results. Washington isn't as bad as we thought, while rookie QB's Gardner Minshew II and Kyler Murray have mostly held their own. On the flip side, Matt Ryan seems more than willing to give the ball away, and despite investing in their offensive line, the Texans still can't block. At least the Dolphins are who we thought they were and Eli Manning is still good for a couple turnovers every game. For the most part, though, we're still playing a bit of a guessing game with our Week 3 fantasy defense rankings. 

    We're going to pick on the rookie signal-callers, especially with Minshew playing his first Thursday night game (vs. Titans). Kyler Murray will face a defense that's extra rested (vs. Panthers), which also isn't ideal. As always, turnover-prone QBs Jameis Winston (vs. NYG), Manning (@ Bucs), and Josh Allen (vs. Bengals) are fair game, but none are facing particularly good D/STs. Tampa has surprised this year, so consider them the biggest sleeper in this bunch. The 49ers are also playing well and could face backup Mason Rudolph at home, so they will be another sleeper depending on Ben Roethlisberger's status. The same goes for the Seahawks, who could be facing a Drew Brees-less Saints.

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    The Cowboys (vs. Dolphins), Patriots (vs. Jets), and Packers (vs. Broncos) are also in great spots, while the Ravens (@ Chiefs), Browns (vs. Rams), and Texans (@ Chargers) don't appear to be worth using. If you drafted them, don't be afraid to hit the waiver wire and look for a streamer. After all, that's what these rankings are for.

    Note: We'll be updating our D/ST rankings throughout the week, so check back often!

  • 1 Chicago Bears

    Bears @ Redskins

  • 2 New England Patriots

    Patriots vs. Jets

  • 3 Dallas Cowboys

    Cowboys vs. Dolphins

  • 4 Los Angeles Rams

    Rams @ Browns

  • 5 Tennessee Titans

    Titans @ Jaguars

  • 6 Buffalo Bills

    Bills vs. Bengals

  • 7 Green Bay Packers

    Packers vs. Broncos

  • 8 Carolina Panthers

    Panthers @ Cardinals

  • 9 Minnesota Vikings

    Vikings vs. Raiders

  • 10 Pittsburgh Steelers

    Steelers @ 49ers

  • 11 Jacksonville Jaguars

    Jaguars vs. Titans

  • 12 Los Angeles Chargers

    Chargers vs. Texans

  • 13 Indianapolis Colts

    Colts vs. Falcons

  • 14 San Francisco 49ers

    49ers vs. Steelers

  • 15 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Buccaneers vs. Giants

  • 16 Seattle Seahawks

    Seahawks vs. Saints

  • 17 New York Giants

    Giants @ Buccaneers

  • 18 Washington Redskins

    Redskins vs. Bears

  • 19 Cincinnati Bengals

    Bengals @ Bills

  • 20 Philadelphia Eagles

    Eagles vs. Lions

  • 21 New Orleans Saints

    Saints @ Seahawks

  • 22 Denver Broncos

    Broncos @ Packers

  • 23 Atlanta Falcons

    Falcons @ Colts

  • 24 Houston Texans

    Texans @ Chargers

  • 25 Kansas City Chiefs

    Chiefs vs. Ravens

  • 26 Arizona Cardinals

    Cardinals vs. Panthers

  • 27 Cleveland Browns

    Browns vs. Rams

  • 28 Detroit Lions

    Lions @ Eagles

  • 29 Baltimore Ravens

    Ravens @ Chiefs

  • 30 Oakland Raiders

    Raiders @ Vikings

  • 31 New York Jets

    Jets @ Patriots

  • 32 Miami Dolphins

    Dolphins @ Cowboys

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