Fans Lose It Over Ina Garten's Tribute to Her Husband Jeffrey

Ina Garten just gave fans a blast from the past, sharing throwback photos of herself and her husband Jeffrey to celebrate his birthday. In her caption, Ina made reference to the current state of the world, but also stressed that we should still celebrate the little things.

"Even with the dreadful things going on in the world, we need to celebrate the everyday joys. Happy birthday to my darling husband Jeffrey. I've loved you madly for almost 60 years and I'm just getting started," she wrote.

In addition to an adorable photo of Jeffrey enjoying a glass of red wine, Ina's post also included a photo from their wedding day, Jeffrey in his military uniform, the two of them in front of the Eiffel Tower, and more.

For those unfamiliar with Ina and Jeffrey's charming love story, they were married in December 1968 at Ina's parents' house at “a very contemporary rock cliff in the woods in Connecticut.” That same year, Jeffrey would go on to join the U.S. Army. And in 1972, the couple took a life-changing trip to Paris that sparked Ina's interest in all things culinary.

Fans are rightfully obsessed with the pair's throwback photos and have already dubbed them "couple goals."

"Could these two possibly be any more adorable? Talk about couples goals! Happy Birthday, Jeffrey," said one fan.

One commenter even revealed that they were so inspired by Jeffrey's loyalty that they named their mixer after him.

"My KitchenAid mixer is named Jeffrey, because he’s my beloved, loyal, and encouraging companion in the kitchen. Happy bday to the *real* Jeffrey!" they shared.

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