Fans Say Disney "Must Use Some Type Of Magic" On This Iconic Park Snack

It all began at Frontierland.

<p>Allrecipes/Suzanne Clements</p>

Allrecipes/Suzanne Clements

I have to be honest: I've never understood some Walt Disney World Resort visitors’ enthusiasm for the gigantic smoked turkey legs sold all across the property. The enormous bone packed with smoked meat is so large, in fact, that it’s been rumored to be emu, although Tommy Smothers, a sourcing specialist for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, says it’s definitely turkey “sourced from a Texas-based meat packing company.”

“In 1989, Walt Disney World Resort began offering turkey legs to guests,” Smothers says. “This hearty treat—that is easily shared—was initially only sold from one cart in Frontierland at Magic Kingdom Park. In 1994, turkey legs were expanded to all other Walt Disney World theme parks.”

Since their start in the parks, turkey legs have become some guests’ go-to meal during a day at Disney. But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit they give me the creeps … just a little bit. And I’m not alone. I put out a call on social media for Disney turkey leg enthusiasts and laughed as my friends commented things like “Girl, no” and “It’s so weird to watch people eat them.” Still, a few die-hard turkey leg supporters did come out of the woodwork.

Allison Dooley, a travel planner who helps families plan their trips to Disney, lives in Virginia but is sure to get a turkey leg whenever she visits Walt Disney World, which is often in her line of work. “I love Disney turkey legs,” Dooley says, admitting she thinks the dish tastes more like ham than turkey. “There are so many things to love about them. The size of them is comical, we like posing for pictures with our turkey leg and other guests will stop to ask where we got it. They’re fun to eat and there’s enough to share.”

<p>Allrecipes/Suzanne Clements</p>

Allrecipes/Suzanne Clements

Others appreciate the healthy vibe Disney turkey legs give off, especially considering lots of Disney food involves sugary snacks and Mickey-shaped pretzels dipped in prepackaged cheese. Kevin Price, who lives in Kentucky, says at times when he followed a paleo diet, the turkey leg kept him fed and satisfied on Disney trips. “Eating clean at Disney is hard,” Price says. “The turkey leg can feed two people easily for a low cost. I think it’s very good and easy enough to eat on the go.”

Price says the hickory smoked flavor on the legs doesn’t “taste fake,” something he appreciates. “My only concern is how they find turkeys that big,” he jokes. “Should we be worried about a giant turkey invasion one day?”

Smothers says there’s a very specific method by which Disney’s turkey legs are prepared. “Disney turkey drumsticks are pre-smoked using hickory, a hardwood known as the king of smoking woods, in custom smokehouses for over six hours,” he says.  “[They] arrive pre-smoked and we reheat the drumsticks at each of our locations so they are served hot,”

North Carolina Disney World fan Trina Diakabanzila says she eats at least two turkey legs on any trip to Disney and even takes some home in her luggage. “It’s the smell of them, the texture, and the taste,” she says. “I’ve eaten turkey legs from different fairs but I think the one from Disney, they must use some type of magic ingredient or seasoning on it.”

Smoked turkey legs are currently priced around $12 at Disney World, but Diakabanzila says she’d pay whatever it takes to enjoy her favorite Disney treat. “We all know how pricey things are inside the theme park,” she says. “I always tell myself I’m frugal but I’ll definitely spend money on a turkey leg, even if the price increases.”

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