Fans Bombard Erin Napier After Seeing Her Mother's Day Gift From Ben

ben and erin napier
Ben Napier Aced His Mother's Day Gift for ErinNBC

Erin Napier is swooning after opening Ben’s Mother’s Day gift for her, and we are too!

The Home Town Takeover host took to Instagram to reveal the nontraditional Mother’s Day gift her hubby bestowed upon her — along with the backstory of it. A far cry from a Hallmark card and mass-produced bouquet, the gift Ben gave her was a hand-painted watercolor portrait of one of her favorite photos of him, which she snapped in Fort Morgan, Colorado (the location of Home Town Takeover Season 2).

Presented with an “armload of wildflowers” that Ben and their girls picked together, along with a hand-written note, the painting made an instant impression on Erin. “Y’all, I actually HOLLERED. 🥵😍😍😍😍 I’m proud to be the mama to this man’s babies,” she exclaimed in the caption.

While some might think that a self-portrait of a father as a gift for a mother on a day all about her doesn’t quite track, Ben made it work with the sweetest sentiment. “I hope you love the painting of the man who made you a mama,” he wrote in the card, which is partially visible in Erin’s post.

Needless to say, fans are flocking to her comments section to applaud Ben’s thoughtful gift, his good looks, and their family as a whole. “He looks like he could be on Yellowstone,” one fan commented. “Can we clone him? God has blessed you with such a beautiful family. I believe you are doing His work by helping people find new homes and rebuilding strong communities. Happy Mother’s Day,” another fan wrote. “Love it! I paint watercolors myself and can really appreciate the talent in that painting. Ben sure makes a good cowboy,” someone else chimed in.

Considering Erin is an artist herself, who also uses watercolors, it’s obvious to see why Ben’s gift hit home on so many levels.

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