Fabian Bosch reveals the story behind his awesome escalator stunt

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Going by his Instagram, Swiss freestyle skier Fabian Bosch is having more fun at the Olympics than anyone. On Monday, he posted a video of himself riding an escalator without using his feet (and without using most of the escalator, in fact), and it went viral.

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Questions remain, of course. How did he do it? Why did he do it? What do his coaches think? Fabian recently stepped in front of the camera with Yahoo Sports to answer all those questions and more, which you can see in the video at the top of this post. (Spoiler: his coaches think his stunt was awesome.)

Bosch didn’t stop there, though. He also talked about his indoor “bobsled” tribute to the movie “Cool Runnings,” which saw him and a friend riding a pallet truck down a long, sloped loading dock.

Not a lot of “Cool Runnings” fan love the movie’s Swiss team, but Bosch is definitely one of them. He is Swiss, after all.

There haven’t been any more kooky videos posted on Bosch’s Instagram in the last few days, and there are good reasons for that. First, he’s been dealing with norovirus, which has been infecting a number of athletes in PyeongChang. Bosch felt ill after practice a few days ago, and his norovirus test came up positive. He’s been confined to his quarters for several days (so he doesn’t infect anyone else), which of course means he can’t be out wandering around and taking videos while he climbs on things.

But there’s a second reason, too: Bosch only posts when inspiration strikes. He doesn’t plan elaborate stunts, so everything you see on his Instagram is of-the-moment and straight from his brain. Now that he’s allowed to be out and about again, maybe we’ll see more videos from Fabian. But probably not until after he competes in the men’s slopestyle skiing event on Sunday.

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