Expert season review: 'Transformed'

Expert view graphic Luton

Has it been a season of progress, stagnation or indifference?

It is odd. For a side relegated out of the Premier League you would think this season would be viewed as a failure, but no. Despite heading back into the Championship the Hatters are in a far better position than 12 months ago. Millions more in the bank - which will help pay for the new stadium, a much better squad than when they won the play-off final and the ones they do sell in the summer are now worth a lot more money after proving themselves in the Premier League.

Luton will be one of the favourites to win the Championship next season as a result. What a statement! The club has been transformed after nearly going bust 16 years ago. Their pragmatic approach to life in the league has been a success.

Biggest success for club this season?

The fans' unwavering support. They watched their team lose 24 times but realised the difficulty of the level and how hard it would be to stay in the top tier. They stuck behind the team all the way through. The players played their part. They gave it everything and were in most games for long periods but they just came up short. The supporters recognised this and cheered them off the pitch in every game. Respect.

Biggest let down or frustration?

The points deductions fiasco. It has involved Luton all the way through and the lack of clarity over deductions/appeals/additions/interpretations/timelines has been ridiculous. It did not matter in the end but for the top league in the world to have all that going on across the season was embarrassing.

Key item on the summer agenda?

Keep hold of the manager. Rob Edwards has been a pivotal figure throughout a tumultuous campaign. He coped brilliantly with the Tom Lockyer situation for a young, relatively inexperienced manager and then tried to keep his side up against the odds.

I think he will stay as he has come to love the Luton 'experience' but players like Ross Barkley are surely off. The key then will be for Luton to get big money for them and invest wisely. The recruitment team at Kenilworth Road has been excellent in the past 10 years and they need another good summer to replace some top, top talents, including Barkley who has been a pleasure to watch, oozing out-and-out class.