EXCLUSIVE: Emma Chamberlain on Lipstick and Lancôme Content Series

Emma Chamberlain is a beauty novice no more.

The multihyphenate and Lancôme global ambassador, who inked her deal with the French heritage brand last year, has firmly cemented herself in the category — starting with the second season of her content series, “How Do You Say Beauty in French,” which Lancôme announced Friday.

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“Season One was very much, ‘OK, Emma’s a newbie. She’s fresh in the Lancôme world and she’s learning,” Chamberlain told WWD. “Season Two was like, let’s get into the weeds of who this brand is. We shot everything at the most beautiful house I’ve ever been to in my life.”

Time on set at the brand’s property in the south of France, Le Domaine de la Rose, was less work than play. “We were just hanging out at this house, playing with makeup and flowers. It felt more like Emma’s playtime,” she said, with a nod to Lancôme’s global creative director of makeup, Lisa Eldridge.

“The rows and rows of roses on this property, these sweet agricultural farmers who are so passionate about roses. It felt like being on your family farm in the south of France; it felt very homey, hanging out with Lisa. She always teaches me so much about choosing the right shades for me like what lip looks good on me. She’s my makeup mother,” Chamberlain continued.

Though Chamberlain has many a brand deal — she collaborated with Warby Parker last year, and has become a front row fixture during international fashion weeks — she’s still judicious in choosing who to work with.

“It’s all products that are organic to my day-to-day life,” she said. “The industry has exposed me to so many great brands that who knows if I would’ve experimented with otherwise. It’s been a combination of discovering and falling in love with brands through reaching out to each other and asking what we can do together.”

As for what attracted her to Lancôme, it was a mixture of innovation and ease of application.

“Lancôme is all about technology. When I went to the store in Paris, they had an iPad scanning my face, my skin, my eyelashes. And they introduced me to this technologically advanced side of beauty that’s so fascinating,” Chamberlain said. “Those pieces of advice have followed me into my life… this is what sets Lancôme apart. It’s about why something works for you.”

Among her favorites are the brand’s latest lipsticks, L’Absolu Rouge Intimatte Blushing Nude Collection, which debuted this month at $35 each.

Lancôme’s L’Absolu Rouge Intimatte’s Blushing Nude collection.
Lancôme’s L’Absolu Rouge Intimatte’s Blushing Nude collection.

“They’re a bit darker and deeper, but they’re still in the blush world. They’re brown-y, they’re warm. And there’s something about these colors that gives a cool girl vibe,” Chamberlain said. “These are great shades for colder weather, and they give you a cool, edgy feel.”

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