EXCLUSIVE: Designer Dirk Schönberger and Aspesi Make Furnishing Debut

MILAN — When designer Dirk Schönberger made a leap into furnishings with next-gen, comfort-centric label Vetsak last September, he said he wouldn’t totally cut ties with the fashion and apparel world. He wasn’t kidding.

The German company told WWD that Schönberger, its chief brand officer, will unveil his first furnishings project in collaboration with Milan-based fashion brand Aspesi on April 15 and it will be on show throughout Milan Design Week, which ends April 21.

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Vetsak’s famed modular sofa and Aspesi’s celebrated nylon parachute puffers fuse into three distinct color worlds, each complete with a sofa, a large blanket, a regular and an even bigger jumbo pillow as well as both small and larger-than-life toys. The different color schemes range from Popsicle brights to utilitarian green, as well as shades of blue, gray and black.

“I always followed the brand [Aspesi] because I always loved it. It fits very much into what I’m wearing, which is minimalistic, very modern style. So and it came actually accidental. I had a conversation with someone and somehow it got through to them,” Schönberger said, adding that it was suggested Vetsak use Aspesi’s puffer jackets to build covers for its modular sofa, which can be built in different sizes and formations and on which the colors can be interchanged.

Best known for his time as creative director at Adidas from 2010 until 2018, Schönberger made a strategic jump to leather goods and accessories when he took on the role as global creative officer of luxury accessories brand MCM in 2018.

Vestak Aspesi

Complete with zips, tech tags, labels and pockets, he said that the Vetsak project to be unveiled during Milan Design Week is really conceptual.

Aspesi’s vice president of global sales and marketing Carlos Pellegrini likewise said Aspesi immediately recognized itself in Vetsak.

“For us, quality, comfort and authentic values are primary. Their philosophy of creating modular and versatile products that seamlessly adapt to people’s daily lives reflects exactly what we aim to offer with our garments,” he said, adding that versatility in everyday life is what makes their brands so complementary.

Aspesi has in the past collaborated with upholstered-furniture manufacturer Moroso and the Achille Castiglioni Foundation and looks forward to forging new collaborations in the future.

“After years of corporate consolidation, we feel confident in presenting to the market a collaboration with an innovative specialist in the furniture sector. We are excited to take on this new challenge and to continue advancing our design vision,” Pellegrini said.

After all, Aspesi’s nylon is also ideal for the outdoors.

“The good thing with nylon is that you can do whatever you dream of. Indeed, it was the perfect material, to envision, portray and bring to life the creativity of both creative teams,” Pellegrini said.

Dirk Schönberger, Vetsak's chief brand officer
Dirk Schönberger, Vetsak’s chief brand officer