Ex-RNC Chair Michael Steele Rips 'Putz' Tucker Carlson After Racist Meltdown

Former Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele called out Fox News host Tucker Carlson for an on-air meltdown over President Joe Biden’s selection of judges.

Carlson seems to think Biden isn’t appointing enough white men.

“Out of 97 federal judges confirmed under Joe Biden, total number of white men: five,” the prime-time cable TV personality griped on Monday night. “Twenty-two are Black women, so this is race-based hiring. It’s illegal!”

The federal judiciary is overwhelmingly white and male. The American Bar Association said last year that 70% of all lifetime-appointed federal judges are male, and 78% are white. In addition, the organization said 16 states have no federal trial judges of color at all.

The problem only got worse under Donald Trump, who appointed the smallest share of nonwhite judges in more than 25 years (with no complaint from Carlson).

Steele was blunt in pointing that out on Twitter:

The clip was part of a larger rant in which Carlson complained “no administration has ever looked less like America ... than the Biden administration” and said Biden was “discriminating against certain classes of people who don’t vote for them.”

Carlson, who has admitted to lying, has repeatedly shared white nationalist talking points. In an extensive report last year, New York Times reporter Nicholas Confessore wrote that Carlson’s Fox News broadcast “may be the most racist show in the history of cable news.”

Carlson’s other critics chimed in: