Ex-Prosecutor Explains How Donald Trump Lawyer’s New Bid May Backfire

Former U.S. attorney Barbara McQuade over the weekend spelled out how Donald Trump attorney Steve Sadow’s bid to push back the former president’s Georgia racketeering trial could go awry.

Sadow last week argued that holding the trial of the current Republican presidential front-runner before the 2024 election would amount to “election interference” and suggested that if Trump does win back the White House, then the trial would have to wait until his term is over.

McQuade, talking to MSNBC’s Ali Velshi, acknowledged the “unprecedented” nature of a former-president-turned-presidential candidate facing trial, which is one of four criminal cases against Trump.

It wouldn’t surprise her, she said, if the trial is pushed back until after the November 2024 vote.

However, McQuade said Sadow’s suggestion about the trial taking place in 2029 could catalyze Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee to get it done before next year’s ballot.

“I think that aspect might cause the judge to reconsider, and make sure that this trial gets done before the election, because by 2029, I think the public has lost its right to a fair trial,” she said.