Everyone's Been Pronouncing Travis Kelce's Name Wrong This Entire Time

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You've Been Pronouncing Travis Kelce's Name WrongDustin Satloff - Getty Images

Hands up if you've been pronouncing Travis Kelce's last name "Kel-see." Same, and apparently we are...wrong. It's fully pronounced "Kels."

This somewhat unexpected fact was revealed during a clip from Inside the NFL, when Chris Jones casually brought up the pronunciation of Travis' name while sitting on the sidelines during a recent Chiefs game.

"So y'all know it's not even Travis Kel-see?" he told his fellow players. "It's Travis Kels. Fucking crazy, right?"

And apparently, the subject also came up during an episode of Travis and Jason Kelce's show New Heights, when Jason asked their dad Ed Kelce why he just...let everyone pronounce their name wrong. Which, turns out, has been a thing since they were, to the point where Jason and Trav's mom Donna Kelce was even saying it wrong due to Ed never correcting her.

"Why in the world did you change your name out of nowhere and now we are Kel-see?" Jason asked his dad on the show. "Let's talk about it. Why did we think that our name was Kel-see for the first 24 years? 25? 27 years of my life, 25 for Trav."

Ed's explanation? That he "got tired of correcting people," which, as Jason said, is a "good reason to stop."

So...will Travis and Jason go by "Kels" now? Per this sage wisdom from Ed: "Do whatever you want. I did."

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