Everyone in My Family Swears by This Soothing Cream for “Hours” of Relief From Itchy Eczema Flare-Ups

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My niece even calls it a "miracle" cream.

<p>@muradskincare Instagram</p>

@muradskincare Instagram

Since I can remember, my sister has always dealt with eczema on her hands and joints. It would flare up badly during the colder months, and then when I thought she would get some relief during the spring and summer, her skin would become inflamed and irritated from outdoor allergens. And as my niece got older, we realized she had also inherited dermatitis, but the perk of being a beauty writer is that I know about the best skincare products in the game. So when Murad reached out to me this past winter to announce the launch of their Eczema Control Collection, their timing was perfect — my sister and niece were having one of their worst flare-ups in years. She said their saving grace was the Quick Relief Colloidal Oatmeal Treatment, and my sister won't leave the house without it.

The Murad Quick Relief Colloidal Oatmeal Treatment is formulated with ground cherry and oat lipids to help soothe, reduce redness, and hydrate irritated skin. It also contains highly concentrated colloidal oatmeal that helps relieve itchiness and inflammation caused by skin sensitivity and eczema. The cream comes in a squeezable tube with a twistable cap, is unscented with a smooth buttery consistency, and absorbs quickly. The cream can be used multiple times a day and applied to various areas, such as the body, hands, and even around the eyes.



Shop now: $46; nordstrom.com and amazon.com

My sister said this cream saved her from the "extreme itching spells" she usually falls into when the temperatures begin to shift. She compared the sensation of Murad cream on her flare-ups to the relief you get when you put aloe vera on a sunburn. "The redness isn't as visible, my skin isn't as dry, and I only have to reapply it once throughout the day,” she said, adding that it "absorbs quickly," meaning her clothes aren't stained by the product. My niece, who also has been dealing with eczema, said this was a "miracle product" when it came to her persistent itchiness. She added that many products were “too potent or fragrant” to use around her eyes, but this cream wasn't. She also appreciated that it didn't leave her face or joints feeling shiny and coated, and that " a little goes a long way.”

If you or someone in your family deals with eczema or itchy and sensitive skin, Murad's Quick Relief Colloidal Oatmeal Treatment can help to calm those dry and flaky patches for $46 on Nordstrom and Amazon.

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