Everybody loves this Robbie Ray vs. Sal Romano pitching matchup

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On the surface, there’s nothing all that special about Tuesday’s game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and Cincinnati Reds. Sure, the D-backs are a strong team, but the Reds are not. If you aren’t a fan of either club, we wouldn’t shame you for watching another contest.

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But if the pitching matchup is any indication, it should provide some must-see television. Robbie Ray will take on Sal Romano. Ray has been pretty excellent this year, but Romano has only started two games.

So, what so special here? Well, it’s Ray vs. Romano. It’s Ray Romano. Remember him? Everybody loves him.

The Diamondbacks-Reds pitching matchup has us intrigued. (Yahoo Sports)
The Diamondbacks-Reds pitching matchup has us intrigued. (Yahoo Sports)

We wouldn’t normally explain “Everybody Loves Raymond,” but after Cody Bellinger’s recent flap with “Seinfeld,” we feel compelled to give some details. “Everybody Loves Raymond” was a popular sitcom that ran from 1996 to 2006 on CBS. It starred, you guessed it, Ray Romano, among many others. It was a comedy. You can probably still catch some reruns somewhere.

Is Tuesday’s pitching matchup an incredibly dumb observation? It is! Is going with “Everybody loves” the easy joke to make? It is! Are we entertained by the simple wordplay? We are!

We have a few more questions. Will everybody actually love the game? Of course not. One team has to lose and both pitchers could perform poorly. Will Ray Romano attend the contest? Probably not, but our fingers are crossed. What’s Ray Romano up to these days? He’s in the movie “The Big Sick,” which is getting some pretty excellent reviews right now.

No matter what happens, we’re at least mildly amused. On top of that, we know there are more possible pitching matchup puns out there. You can investigate those on your own, but we’ll point out that you can do a lot with Chris Sale.

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