Everton 0-1 Arsenal: What Dyche said

Everton manager Sean Dyche, speaking to BBC Sport, said: "It didn't deserve a win. We defended resolutely but we never got to grips with the ball. The defensive side worked really hard but the attacking side we were never really near to laying a glove and making a difference.

"They pressed well and we were unsure whether to go short or long. You have to get the first pass away on turnover. If you don't get it away then the team can't open up on the counter.

"The details on the set piece - a good finish from them but really poor on the details from us.

"I was expecting us to get more points really from the feel from the group in the pre-season. The performance levels have been there but the details kill you in football.

"I said clearly after last season there was a massive amount of work to do. There still is, it can't be all changed in one window."