Steve Harvey Can’t Believe These Ridiculous Answers on ‘Family Feud’

Faced with providing answers to a clue on Family Feud, one clan just couldn’t avoid giving Steve Harvey responses that he thought were ridiculous. The clue read, “We asked 100 single men to name something you’d be pleasantly surprised to find out your blind date has.” Harvey got three answers he thought were absolutely terrible, but one of them actually was on the board.

Photo: CBS
Photo: CBS

On The Price Is Right, a contestant, Peggy, cartwheeled herself all the way to two free vacations. When she was first called to come on down, she did three cartwheels before getting to bidder’s row, then topped it off with a handstand. And wouldn’t you know it, Peggy got onstage almost immediately, where she did a running cartwheel over to Drew Carey. Then, once she’d won her free trips, she did a prolonged handstand to celebrate.

And on Jeopardy, Alex Trebek just couldn’t help talking about his homeland, Canada.

Watch Steve Harvey’s singing skills give a girl the giggles on Little Big Shots:

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