Evander Kane calls out Ryan Reaves for 'make-believe' story

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Evander Kane and Ryan Reaves are not fond of one another. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Evander Kane and Ryan Reaves are not fond of one another. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Give Ryan Reaves the opportunity to add fuel to the fire brewing between himself and Evander Kane and he will do just that. As a guest on Hockey Night in Canada’s ‘After Hours’ segment on Saturday night, Reaves was asked to reflect on the lengthy rivalry between the two heavyweights.

Reaves stated the feud was actually initiated before their NHL careers started, stemming back to their time as rivals in junior hockey.

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“It might be longer than nine years — we didn’t like each other in junior,” Reaves said. “I think it kind of started early in my career, him running around and then I’d challenge him. He always tells me he’s going to beat me up, but would never fight me. And it was just that constant — him chirping, chirping, chirping and never doing anything about it. One time, it was pre-season, he waited until the refs came in and he sucker-punched me over the refs, and that’s just kind of what he always does.”

Sounds pretty believable, until you do the research like Kane did and realize the two never actually shared the ice surface in junior.

Kane called Reaves out for the “make believe” narratives he’s spewing, and seems to have the facts to back that claim up.

The two have enough history from the Muffin Man chirp, to the wedding vow shoutout, plus countless physical battles on the ice, and don’t need to add any fake stories to the mix.

You can bet that the two will want to make an impact during their next battle, and you won’t have to wait too long to see it. San Jose and Vegas will meet on Nov. 21 in what is sure to be a very polite game.

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